What does the site team do?

May 15, 2018

The site team is run by Andrew and Jago. Weeks and months before the fair starts, they are liaising with the police and the local authorities to organise road closures and sort out the logistics of hosting the fair on the village green.

Extra help is most required to set up on the Friday before the fair and the morning of the fair, and to pack away on the Saturday evening (and the day after)

The type of activities include: cone-ing off parking areas, set up the centre ring, stalls, tents and gazebos and make sure everything fits where it should.

This year for the first time, they will be holding ‘information evenings’ at The George on the Green so that anybody new to helping can come along and find out a bit more about what’s needed.┬áThese informal evenings will also give you a chance to meet some of the team.

They will be on Thursday 24th May and Tuesday 29th May at 7.00pm, meeting in The George for a quick drink and then heading over to the pavilion where all the fair equipment is stored.

We also need road and parking marshalls for Saturday morning so if you’ve always wanted to wear a hi-vis jacket and look official, now’s your chance!

If you think you can help on either Friday during the day, Saturday morning or Saturday evening, please email or