Twice as loud

June 01, 2017

When 80 year old Bill Wallace flew from Australia to visit his family in the Royal Borough he packed a few unusual items.

They included a bell, a tricorn hat and brass-buckled shoes. Bill has been a Town Crier in New South Wales for over 30 years and didn’t want a trip abroad to stop him from performing his duties.

“I was born in Paddington in 1937 but emigrated almost 60 years ago.” Said Bill, who will be accompanying Chris Brown the Royal Borough’s official crier at a number of events this summer during his visit.

“I am visiting my daughter who emigrated in reverse almost 20 years ago when she came to live and work in the UK. Back home I am the town crier for the municipality of Lane Cove, New South Wales, so before flying over I contacted Chris Brown, the Royal Borough Town Crier to see if he would let me join him for an event or two.”

Bill’s first appearance in the UK will be at the Holyport Fair on Saturday 3rd June where he and Chris will be helping to open the event at 2pm.