Let’s get started …

February 17, 2018

It’s time to get serious about organising Holyport Fair 2018. From organising volunteers and helpers to arranging toilets and rubbish collection, it’s a huge undertaking that is only possible thanks to our Holyport Fair team, all volunteering their time and skills free of charge. On the ‘To Do’ list:

  1. Organise and manage communications with over existing 100 volunteers … and find new ones
  2. Create and publish fair programme (design, layout and print) PLUS find and liaise with advertisers, sourcing artwork
  3. Source prizes for the Grand Draw and sponsors to help meet some of the fair costs
  4. Train another Assistant Site Manager who can learn from the current Site Manager – somebody who can plan and manage putting up all the stalls and on-site facilities
  5. Discuss the management of car parking
  6. Agree schedule of entertainment for the Centre Ring
  7. Organise toilets
  8. Organise publicity and liaise with local papers
  9. Social media – website, facebook, twitter
  10. Organise a team to run the BBQ
  11. Liaise with the local groups that help out with various stalls and activities e.g. scouts, local schools, WI, Rotaract

Let’s get cracking then! If you’d like to help in any way or would like more information, email